• Lewis in heaven: eponimous CD, Our records, 2002
  • Starbot ensemble: (R.I.P.) release on Our records, 500p, 10″ vinyl: kinda dubby triphop thing. scratching by Stain (R.I.P.), vocals by Kurt Stockman, 2002
  • aycosong: 23 oct 2002: Ayco is born! A birth-day release for our first daughter on 300 mini CD’s.
    I made this track in the last few weeks of pregnancy. So you can here elements like naive hope, great expectations and aspirations for a joyfull life, 2002
  • active suspension: sound engineering & production for a marathon performance @ Cd release. Domotic, Hypo, O.lamm,Erich Zahn, My Jazzy Child and Noak Katoï, as well as local artists Bram Bosteels, Christian Schilli, Piet Jorens, Wart Thys, Jonas Van de Poele, GoDeville, Elise Pertz, Benne Douselaere, Siska De Groote, Pascal Petralia will join this 24 hour performance/CD recording
  • Smillasong: another birth-day release on 300 mini CD’s.. This time for our second beautiful baby-doughter Smilla, 2005
  • Kapotski, online release on the weblabel '', 2006
  • Singel Singel, 7" vinyl Kapotski & Othin Spake played a concert together at Kunsteninstelling 'De Singel'. 2007 and distributed for free in an installation @ deSingel.
  • KOSG: Kapotski participated at “The Game Is Up” festival at the Vooruit in Ghent and presented a limited serie of DIY optical tone generator kits. You can call it an installation, a realease, an instrument, a multiple.  I designed & printed a simple electronic circuit based
  • Trixiesong, birthday song for our third daughter Trixie. A calm & dreamy track with guitar layers and vocal artifacts by Ayco and me. Trixie is now called Billie, 2008
  • KISRTS, 20" vinyl, a.k.a. the Kapotski International Shopdrop Record Tracking System. 500 vinyl records ar distributed in music stores worldwide. The records are free of charge for anyone who is lucky enough to find them and features recordings of the ‘Emieltapes’, the improvisation sessions Kapotski held end 2006 in the Vooruit with Isolde Lasoen, Mauro Pawlowski, Jean-Marie Aerts, Fréderic Le Junter, Steven De bruyn & DJ Serhatullah Killa
  • ‘paint it, Fred’ , a track I wrote for the bOOmfanfare, appears on the compilation CD ‘les tombées de la nuit. We played on this wonderfull festival in Rennes (Fr),
  • Triple Deck, 20" Vinyl, Three mono LP's, one by each musician, recorded simultaneously during an improvisation session: one by Ruben, one by Jonas and one by Kurt. The three records are played on three different decks with three separate speakers, 2011
  • RE:TBC, remix of the track 8 november by Amatorski. Have a listen and order it here.2012
  • Music for library, kaposki, Topo copy, 2016