Kapotski live

Kapotski live

“The trio Jonas Nachtergaele, Ruben Nachtergaele, and Kurt Stockman, aka Kapotski have become quite infamous for (re)appropriating unexpected technologies and artefacts for the creation of music. Kapotski (derived from the Dutch word for broken ‘kapot’) have elevated hacked toys, reverse engineered junk, and the peep and squeak of pre-historic kitchen and household appliances to an art form: weird, entertaining, resourceful, and at times evenverging on the perverse.

A typical Kapotski performance is an intense live improvisation, where the pleasure of playing is key. Delicate soundscapes are alternated with the racket of a drill, or the beating of a hand mixer and the swooshing of a blender. Kapotski show that mundane, old and redundant technology can be a perfect base for innovative and experimental sound. ” 

(excerpt from: Nat Muller; “More Than Meets The Eye.” Argosfestival 2003 Catalogue.)


Kapotski played some 100 concerts between 2000 and 2015. Highlights are:

Lille 2004 (Lille.fr), Vooruit (Ghent.be), STUK (Leuven.be), De wereld van wite de with (Rotterdam.nl), Brakke grond (Amsterdam.nl), Happy New Ears (Kortijk.be), De SINGEL (Antwerp.be), Mex (Dortmund.de), Les ateliers Claus (Brussel.be), Wiener festwochen (Vienna.at), Noisivision (Breda.nl), Tanzhaus Westb (Frankfurt main.de), Worm (Rotterdam.nl), Kaaitheater (Brussels.be), Bozar (Brussels.be)

Kapotski likes to invite fellow artists/musicians and played with

Mum, Luc Van Acker, Thomas Desmet, Jean-Marie Aerts, Isolde Lasoen, Rodrigo Fuentealba, Mauro Pawloswki, Bart Maris, Steven Debruyn, Teun Verbruggen, Jozef Dumoulin, Frederic Le Jeunter, Lander Gyselinck, Serhat koksal, Tom Verbruggen, Geert Waegeman, …

Free music Releases:

Happy New Ears Compilation 2005, Gonzo Circus Records
Famousfor15mb.com (nosordo) webrelease
Kapotski’s Optical Sound generator, Musical instrument
Single Single 7”, Kapotski & othin spake, free vinyl!
Shitski 10”, free vinyl.
K.I.S.R.T.S. 12”, Free vinyl & Online tracking system

Radio Sessions

BBC3 Radio “Mixing it”
Studio Brussel “Republica”
VPRO Radio 6 “Café Sonore”
Klara “Mixtuur”
Wien Orf.at “O1”
Fm Brussel “Core Audio”


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