Ctrl-alt-del soundart festival

Ctrl-alt-del soundart festival

audiovisual performance in collaboration with Ceren Oykut (live drawing) in babylon club, istanbul, (Tr). I was invited to play at the ctrl_alt_del soundart festival by Başak Senova, a curator whom I met doing the exhibition design of ‘rejection episodes’. I went for a minimal approach with a contact mike, a DD3-pedal and some live synthesis/loops on my laptop. 

ctrl_alt_del was the first sound art festival realized in Turkey, in September 2003. It was a collaboration between NOMAD, Marres, Hedah, and Istanbul Technical University Center for Advanced Musical Studies (MIAM).

On 04.12.2007 ctrl_alt_del sound art project continued with the Concert and Performance night, which featured Ruben Nachtergaele of Kapotski (BE) together with Ceren Oykut of Anabala (TR), Boris Hug (FR), Erdem Helvacioglu (TR), and Davide Swarup (IT) along with Reuben De Latour (NZ/TR) and Elif Izbirak (TR) DJ sets.

I made a contribution to the ctr_alt_del Radio broadcast sound-art compilation. With contributions by Random inc, Johanna Billing, Thomas Burkhalter, Samon Takahashi, Visa Kuoppala, Sophea Lerner, James Andean, Eva Durall, Frontierlab (Montreal) + Ethedrone Muzak (Austin), Charbel Haber, Matjaz Mancek / CrossRadio team, Tobias c. van Veen, Tobias c. van Veen, Ruben Nachtergaele (lewis in heaven), Ultra-red, ..

Broadcasting Schedule:

Radio Helsinki, Graz
hotel passage by Reni Hofmüller: Sep. 11th, 10h (92,6 FM)

Radio Zrenjanin, Basel
Sep. 7th  20h (103.6 MHz)
Radio In, Novi Sad
Sept 10th 23h (106.3 MHz)
Studentski Radio eFM, Sarajevo
Sep. 8th at 12h (95.2 MHz)
Radio Marš, Maribor
Sep. 8th at14h (95.9 MHz)
Kanal 103, Skopje,
Sep. 8th at 16.00 (103.0 MHz)
Radio Študent, Ljubljana
Sep. 8th at17h (89.3 MHz)
Radio B92, Belgrade
Sep. 8th at 17:30h (92.5 MHz, 97.1 MHz)
Radio Mostar, Novi Sad
Sep. 10th at 20h (92.1 MHz, 96.6 MHz, 97.9 MHz & 99.3 MHz)
Radio Sombor, Skopje
Sep. 11th at 21:15h (90.9 MHz i 666 KHz)
Radio LoRa, Zurich
Sep. 6th at 17h (97.5 MHz)
Radio X, Basel
Sep. 6th at 19h (94.5 MHz)

Radyo ODTU, Ankara
Şehir Bülteni ve Etkinlik Rehberi: news about ctrl_alt_del, Sep. 9th – Sep. 16th (103.1 FM)
14th Sep. 24h (103.1 FM)

Periscope Radio, Pécs
Sep. 9th – Sep. 16th, 13h (97.1 FM)
the broadcast is repeated daily

CKUT, Montreal
XX files : Sep. 12th 11.30h  EDT time zone (90.3 FM)
Modular Systems: Sep 16th EDT time zone (90.3 FM)

Açık Radyo (Open Radio), Istanbul
Sep. 9th – Sep. 16th, 03h (94.9 FM)
the broadcast is repeated daily

artwaveradio.net, Athens
Sep. 9th – Sep. 16th
GMT +2, Mon. 13h, Tue. 08h,, Wed. 18h, Thu. 20h, Fri. 12h, Sat. 14h, Sun. 16h
the broadcast is repeated daily

Art Radio WPS1.org, New York
Sep. 3rd – Sep 30th.
the broadcast is randomly repeated weekly