Lewis in heaven

Lewis in heaven

In 2002 bracht ik als Lewis in heaven een CD uit op Our label. The milkfactory schreef in een review:

“With roots found in the vast ethereal soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine (Rego), the vaporous progressive electronica of early Autechre (Foutu) or the melancholic neo-realism of Yann Tiersen (Suite), the least that can be said about this album is that it challenges preconceptions of what an electronic record should be. In just under forty minutes, Nachtergaele scans the realms of contemporary culture with the innocence of a child discovering the world, touching everything for the first time, and respecting no convention. This album offers a rather disconcerting and unsettling listening experience as, as it progresses, it becomes obvious that anything could happen at any moment.


With this first offering, Ruben Nachtergaele impresses a lot by the maturity of his sound and ability to warp genres and atmospheres to make them suit his sonic realm. Nachtergaele is definitely an artist who could be destined to become a major contender on the music scene, and Lewis In Heaven is an album that deserves not to be ignored.”

Ik speelde enkele festivals in Vlaanderen, waaronder Boomtown in Gent, samen met Jonas Nachtergaele (guitar), Stain (RIP) (turntables), Kurt Stockman (vocals), Olivier Provost (whisteling), Erwin Vanderjeugt (vocal introduction)

Hendrik Leper en Stijn Schiffeleers van boutique vizique maakten een videoclip voor 'rego'.